Tecnología líder en Latinoamérica para la Gestión Hotelera
Tecnología líder en Latinoamérica para la Gestión Hotelera

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About us

PXSOL is the leading hotel management system in your region. We provide a management system fully adaptable to the needs of online sales and administration of each hotel. We have been helping hotels increase their direct bookings for 8 years.

PXSOL is an enterprise that provides technology and business consulting services for hotels and tourism companies. At PXSOL we believe in the continuous improvement of business processes. For which we have developed a comprehensive service: Technology + Advice.

Our goal is to use the technology that PXSOL provides to improve the online commercial performance of our clients. Achieve the correct tracking of traffic sources (online marketing campaigns), calculate the return of each action and help determine the correct investment value. The way of working consists of applying a set of good practices together with the periodic evaluation of results through the reading of production reports to help the correct decision-making of investment to our clients.

Our values


We offer online management of rates and availability with a single click on any portal you are connected to.


We apply the highest level of responsibility, dedication and passion in what we do every day.


Our team is known for paying attention to the smallest detail. We seek excellence in the design and development of our products.


We are committed to solving the problems that plague the market and the region.


The products we develop in PXSOL are the result of a great work by our entire team. It would not be possible otherwise.