Tecnología líder en Latinoamérica para la Gestión Hotelera
Tecnología líder en Latinoamérica para la Gestión Hotelera

Maximize the income of your hotel

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Optimize the income of your hotel automatically.
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Revenue Management


An RMS (Revenue Management System) or income management system is the ideal tool to optimize the income level of your hotel.

Through a system of custom rules, adapts the future price of your rooms based on demand, competition and availability.

Increasing income and occupation of your hotel.

I always sold your hotel at the right price

Whether your occupation varies, the prices of the competition, or the demand of the market; your rates will be adapted automatically to maximize your income.

We will constantly evaluate future days to identify when changes are necessary.

Easily create customized rules for your hotel

No one better than your hotel to define their own rules.

I chose the main competitors to evaluate, contemplate the time in advance of purchasing your destination, and the speed at which your hotel fills up to implement relevant prices.

Change the strategy for different seasons.

Improve the occupancy of your hotel and its market share while saving time

Increase the performance of your business, always having your rooms occupied.

Surpass your competitors with dynamic rates in real time.

Save time by automating price evaluation, while still using your own criteria.

More features to maximize your income
  • Price checker to know the prices of your competitors.

  • Report of future demand level.

  • Income reports (Average Rate, RevPar).

  • Unlimited price rules.

  • Support in your language . Chat, mail, phone and whatsapp.

Ready to know what our RMS can do for the income of your hotel and draw your own conclusions?