Tecnología líder en Latinoamérica para la Gestión Hotelera
Tecnología líder en Latinoamérica para la Gestión Hotelera

Improve the relationship with your guest and the performance of your staff

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I responded faster and better to your customers to increase sales and satisfaction.
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CRM for Hotels

Query management system.

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system allows your hotel to manage contact with your guests to improve their experience.

At the same time it reduces the response times of your team, avoids human errors and improves sales with automation functions.

I responded with intelligent (and unlimited) templates

We personalize the mail with your customer's data and we include the information of your establishment.

We automatically embed only your available rooms and updated prices. Saving time and avoiding human errors.

You can also edit the message before sending it.

Show your potential clients that you are interested

With automatic tracking, if your potential client does not respond to your initial mail, we will send you personalized and automatic mails in order to complete the sale.

The follow-up to your clients will not depend more on if you have time or personnel available: D

Measure your quality and improve your position in TripAdvisor

Automatic online surveys post check out to evaluate the satisfaction of your guests.

We will invite only satisfied customers to write about your hotel on TripAdvisor. What will increase the positioning of your hotel in the most important travel site in the world.

We show the comments of satisfied customers to encourage future sales (with Motor de reservas).
More functions to improve the communication of your hotel
  • Platform of Email Marketing with unlimited shipments .

  • Internal budgeter for hotel staff (ideal for telephone inquiries and walk ins).

  • Integration with Motor de reservas Channel Manager Y PMS de Pxsol.
  • Email Marketing Automation to send automatic and personalized emails based on rules.

  • Communication history with the guest centralized in one place.

  • Templates of mail in multiple languages ​​.

  • Email hosting for free.

  • Consultation record of external channels (telephone, social networks)

  • Reserve funnel clearly ordered and divided into stages.

  • Support in your language . Chat, mail, phone and whatsapp.

Ready to know what our CRM can do for your hotel and draw your own conclusions?