Tecnología líder en Latinoamérica para la Gestión Hotelera
Tecnología líder en Latinoamérica para la Gestión Hotelera

Save time and receive more bookings without overselling risk

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Save time and receive more bookings without overselling risk
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More than 400 satisfied hotels!

Channel Manager for Hotels

Increase the occupancy of your hotel with the channel manager while reducing management times.

Your prices and availability synchronized in all your agencies and online portals such as Booking, Expedia and Despegar, but from a single and simple platform.

A single interface, to manage all your Online Agencies (OTAs) at the same time.

Improve the distribution of your hotel with connection to more than 200 online agencies.

Update prices and availability simultaneously in all your sales channels.

When a portal sells, the inventory is subtracted in all the others :)

Say goodbye to overbooking: we offer bi-directional communication in real time

We send your availability and rates instantly.

We receive notifications of reservations and cancellations.

And we prevent your hotel from overselling.

Improve your income with the module Revenue
You define custom revenue rules for your hotel (For example: raise rate if occupancy is greater than 80%)

And let the system implement them automatically, optimizing the generation of your income.

You can consider variables such as your price, occupation and also the prices of your competition.

Increase the distribution of your hotel without neglecting direct sales

*Utilizá los portales y agencias online para aumentar las reservas directas.

You will receive automatic notifications alerting you of possible parity errors in the charging of direct and indirect sales rates.

Identify the error, correct it and continue offering the best offer without paying commissions.

More for your hotel to be full
  • Accepts sophisticated rules to optimize distribution: minimum and maximum of nights , etc.

  • Does not imply additional commission for the hotel.

  • Automatic confirmation to the guest of reservations of OTAs with hotel templates (with CRM hotelero)
  • Load of multiple rates (independent or derivatives to save you time)

  • Possibility of communicating real or reduced inventory through rules

  • Self-availability mode to automatically calculate the available inventory (with PMS)
  • Integrated with Motor de reservas, PMS and CRM of Pxsol
  • Update from your smartphone

  • Support in your language . Chat, mail, phone and whatsapp.

Ready to know what our Channel Manager can do for your hotel and draw your own conclusions?